About Us

There is a long of list of ills that Pakistan of today faces – illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition, lack of basic infrastructure. All need to be addressed, and need to be addressed quickly to avert greater disasters. But since last decade, the country faces a grave threat – terrorism and the ensuing wave of religious extremism, intolerance and fundamentalism.  The government has had its hands full combating the surge of terrorism and required support from the non-governmental sector.
This is where Peace Education And Development (PEAD) Foundation comes in. It is a non-profit training and advocacy organization, which has been engaged in de-radicalization and counter-extremism efforts in Pakistan since 2002, with a special focus on the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).
With support and help from international donors, PEAD has managed to conduct multiple programs in these areas which have helped spread critical awareness regarding non-violence, effects of radicalization, religious and social harmony, human rights and good governance.  PEAD has collaborated with local groups, government organizations, social action groups, students and teachers’ to combat the menace of extremism.
Lasting peace cannot be achieved without a sustainable democracy & good governance. If we are to defeat extremism, we must build a society where rule of law, accountability and justice prevails.  And that is why PEAD over the years has worked, side by side with conflict resolution efforts, to create awareness about the importance of governance and its critical role in the society. PEAD, particularly, has focused its attention on the youth and has conducted targeted programs for their training and capacity building as future leaders and as voices of reason in their own societies.

In addition, PEAD has extensively worked on the rights of minorities in the country and sensitization of the general public on issues relating to religious tolerance and cultural diversity. Inter-faith harmony is one of the core areas of focus for our organization and to bring about a change in the social behavior and create an environment of tolerance, PEAD has undertaken several projects, with the support of various segments of society including religious elements, to enable our religious minorities to be heard at all available platforms and to offer them a platform to address their concerns.

Our Vision              
PEAD Foundation’s vision is a peaceful, democratic and sustainable Pakistan.

Our Mission
Our mission is to educate and empower the people for a democratic, tolerant and progressive Pakistan by promoting values of democracy, responsible citizenship and social cohesion.

Our Presence
PEAD Foundation is headquartered in Islamabad, with two regional offices in Peshawar and Swat. It also works at the national and international level by partnering with other organizations and networks.

Our Focus Areas
PEAD’s core thematic focus areas are:
1. Human Rights& Cultural Diversity
2. Democracy & Governance
3. Peace Building & Conflict Resolution
4. Interfaith Harmony & Social Cohesion