Current Projects

Project: “Learn to Read”

Peace Education and Development (PEAD) Foundation has launched a project titled “Learn to Read – LTR” in 10 Government Girls Schools of Peshawar, KP.

The aims of this project is to help create enabling environment for improving Urdu reading skills of adolescent girls in 10 Government Girls Schools of Peshawar by:

  • Setting up a Reading Corner in each school;
  • Building capacity of 20 Urdu language teachers;
  • Conducting reading classes for girls enrolled in Class 6-8 in each school;
  • Sensitizing parents, PTC members and community at large about the importance of reading;
  • Building capacity of text book writers in developing Urdu lessons for said classes; and
  • Lobbying with relevant government departments for inclusion of developed lessons in Urdu textbooks of said classes.

Project: “Pathways to Success”

The Pathways to Success project is aimed to support and empower 1400 girls ages 13-19 from marginalized communities in Peshawar District.

The project objective is to provide the target adolescent girls with enhanced skills and opportunities for successful careers and enriched lives. At the individual level this will enhance the capacity of the girls to make decisions about one’s own life and act on them to achieve a desired outcome while at the community level this will boost shared prosperity.

The project includes the following components;

Component 1: Formal technical training in public and private schools.

Component 2: Entrepreneurship and income generation training.

Component 3: Complementary programs to develop work readiness skills (soft skills, life skills, ICT skills) and promote awareness of career pathways for women in the workplace.

The program will contribute to increased access to education for adolescent girls in Peshawar. The project views adolescence as an age of not just vulnerability, but also as an age of opportunity, especially for girls. The hope is that this group of target adolescent girls will also serve as agents of change for others and an inspiration for their communities.