Success Stories

Success Stories:

Writing for Peace: A Story from a Madrasa in Swat

Muhammad Talha is a 15 year old student of a religious Madrasa in Swat, the Darul Qura. When PEAD Foundation initiated its project for Social Cohesion and Resilience in the district with the help of some Madaris, Talha was one of the most enthusiastic participants. The project saw students of the Madaris learn the art of calligraphy, an ancient art form of writing. While the other students benefited from the calligraphy classes, learning to write Quranic verses in a beautiful manner, Talha excelled at the art form. It was not something new for him. His father, himself a Madrassa head as well as the head of Ulema council of Malakand Division, was at one time interested in learning the art of Calligraphy………Read more>>

 Success_Stories_clip_image005  On its way to Empower Youth

Sajjd Mubarak, a youth activist is the eldest son of Mubarak Shah, a teacher at a Middle School in Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sajjd was studying in 7th grade when he was selected to be  part of PEAD’s training program in 2007.The project  focused on civic engagement in environment protection  Like all other projects of PEAD Foundation, this 3 -year  project  was not only offering training but was an effort to engage students afterward through social action plans. Being a student from a community where children do not have enough exposure to the trainings and campaigns, Sajjd found it a very interesting project. It was a totally new idea for him.  As a part of his first social action plan, he enthusiastically organized awareness raising campaigns in few schools of his community and with help of school administration and students planted 300-400 plants.It was the start of turning Sajjad’s passion to uplift his community through knowledge sharing efforts into some practical efforts. Later, he was selected for another project “Open Minds Pakistan” aimed at working with the selected students from KP and FATA to create socio-political awareness. Keen to learn, share and act, Sajjad again worked on social campaigns and this time these campaigns were focusing on girls’ education in the area. With the support of PEAD Foundation, he contacted his community elders, Political leaders (Nazim) and his two teachers and advocated for the education of girls in his area. There were several reasons including financial, security, accessibility to schools and attention of parents….Read more>>

Success_Stories_clip_image002 My name is Khalil, I am 17 years old and I am a student of Madrassa Rozatul Atfal. PEAD Foundation selected me for a computer training program in which I learned about computer hardware and how to operate programs like Inpage, MS word, Coral draw etc. My father has retired and I have 10 people in my family who need to be fed.

After receiving the training I have got a job at a shop which sells computer accessories and mobiles. I am now in a position to contribute something to help out my family. One day I hope to run my own business.

Success_Stories_clip_image002_0000 My name is Mouazam Iqbal and I study at Madrassa Taleem-ul-Quran. Ever since my father got disabled my family has been struggling to survive. I have seven siblings it’s tough taking care of all of them. After getting computer hardware and software training from PEAD Foundation I got a job as a composer at a shop in Kisa Khawani bazaar. I am earning a daily wage of Rs.150 and I want to open my own designing and composing shop in the future.
Success_Stories_clip_image002_0004 My name is Irfan Ullah and I study at madrassa Gul Shanifaiz, Mingora, Swat. I am 18 years old and live with a family of 8. I don’t know how to thank PEAD Foundation and Save the Children for selecting me for this mobile repair training.

After completing my training I got a job in a mobile repairing shop on G-T Road. Not only am I able to support myself now but I am also in a position to contribute in the household expense.

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